Local gyms in the area were slowly becoming the ‘weekend warrior’ and ‘cardio-all-day’ watered down environments. MIAMI IRON GYM ain’t your big and flashy ‘health/fitness club’. We’re your no frills, old-school, hardcore gym; where to earn respect you gotta put in the work!

At MIG you wont be told you are grunting too loud or training too hard.

If you’re a dedicated gym goer, body-builder, or competitor with serious ambitions, we welcome you to the Miami Iron family.


OPEN 24/7

We are open 24 hours a day! At Miami Iron you “STILL have NO EXCUSES.”


We removed the limitations other gyms have on weight sizes. You won’t hear any noise complaints here.


We have the best trainers around that are here to help you reach your goals. Many of our trainers are IFBB PROS and NPC COMPETITORS that will get you in the best shape of your life! They also specialize in getting you prepped for your next bodybuilding/fitness competition.


No one is here to be socializing or texting. We are all here to put in work. Nothing but motivation is all around you at MIAMI IRON. From the lifters to the pictures on the wall and even the graffiti artwork are all there for one reason.. to provide you with the HARDCORE environment that’s going to push you beyond your limits.










Gym Rules

1. RESPECT EACH OTHER – If you want respect then you give respect.

2. RESPECT THE EQUIPMENT – This is your home, treat it as such.

3. PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF – RE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS (Your momma doesn’t work here.)

4. NO TEXTING – Don’t take up a machine or bench texting/socializing those around you are here to put in work. If the staff doesn’t tell you to stop doing it, trust us a fellow gym member will.

5. SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER – This is your Iron Family.

6. GRUNTING IS ALLOWED – No one here is going to tell you that you’re making too much noise or training to loud. We encourage HARD WORK at Miami Iron Gym.

7. DROP YOUR WEIGHTS DON’T SLAM THEM – There’s a difference between dropping and slamming your weights. (Respect the Equipment).

8. TRAIN, DO NOT WORK OUT – Make every training session count. Don’t come to MIG to just go through the motions. Come here to put in work and get results.

9. NO CURLING IN THE SQUAT RACK – Use the equipment for what it’s intended. Don’t take up a machine/bench if you don’t need to.

10. ENJOY YOURSELF – This gym was made for YOU. Train hard and have fun. We’re all here for the same reason, to better ourselves.